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Can AI robot replace humans?

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As per a recent study conducted by Li, Feng, Huang & Chu (2018), soccer games have been developed where robots are competing against each other by adapting autonomously offensive and defensive strategies. So, are you interested to see David Beckham or Pele in an Autonomous Robot form where they can never get retired and you can see them in every other soccer game over and over again?

High-speed communication is one of the greatest advantages that robots can have. A typical human speaks 130 to 200 words per minute, in the coding language it means per second ten bytes are translated whereas robots can communicate 1 billion bytes per second.

So, how do you want to have communication in the future, fast as possible, or do we want to adapt our hearing to that level where we can respond to communication going at a pace of 1 billion bytes per second? Do we enjoy such communication and can we have feelings or emotions through such fast communication?

Robots can be grouped wirelessly so even from a greater distance they can work together. GPS technology with the accuracy of a great degree can be used to synchronize. Computation speed with extreme capability with more than one trillion operations per second enables machines to cooperate irrespective of their group size or distance between them that makes them competitively advanced as compare to humans concerning many jobs.

Well, it’s a speculation or an imagination or predicted that in the future, robots can autonomously impact daily lives just the way traditional archives libraries are becoming obsolete with data servers.

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