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Can machines be intelligent?

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So far AI has been discussed n different ways. The pros and cons and also how is it seen as modern technologies to provide beneficial help to humanity and walk hand in hand in the industrial sector with the leading employees? But can we imagine machines to be intelligent?

Various studies and technological advancement programs prove that typical algorithms and machine learning algorithms are not different. The boundary of solving solutions from unsolved problems is expanding day by day with various algorithms being handled to work automatically. Machines are designed and programmed with the human brain where the intelligence of the human brain can be seen dominantly.

Yes, machines can be intelligent with an appropriate algorithm, the technology can be automated and AI provides the necessary tools to increase productivity and prosperity. The way of work and productivity has been increased with new tools but also fear has been generated among the employees to be replaced.

One of the methods which have been used aggressively in different industries is predictive maintenance where the downtime of the system can be reduced. Advanced analytics can bridge the gap by providing a solution, such as the remaining life of a machine can be predicted. This also provides an opportunity to estimate the cost of the component is replaced early or the quality problems if it is replaced late and provides machine downtime information.

The wearing problem and also the pattern of wear can be understood with the high-frequency robot data. The trends can be recognized as the data is recorded and monitored continuously and thereby the tool is intelligently producing the result on which calculation and decisions can be made.

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