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Can Chinese software companies capture the electric vehicle market?

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In 2021, Xiaomi had previously made known that it planned to produce smart electric vehicles in the future. The smartphone maker hasn’t yet gotten the required production license, though. The joint venture between SAIC, General Motors, and Wuling announced in June that it will work with DJI, the largest drone maker in the world, to build an electric vehicle.

BMW, Mercedes, and VW also place a strong emphasis on collaboration in China Huawei, a supplier of telecommunications equipment whose smartphone sales have been negatively impacted by U.S. sanctions, is making significant investments in the market for software solutions for electric vehicles.

As a result, the group’s technology is present in high-end vehicles made by well-known Chinese manufacturers like BAIC, Changan, or GAC. These companies offer their products under the Arcfox, Aion, or Avatar brand names.

It is very close to working with the automaker Sokon. Even the premium line Aito and the hybrid SUV SF5 are available for purchase through Huawei outlets.

These vehicles are manufactured by the electric car subsidiary Seres and use Huawei technology. German automakers are increasingly depending on technical agreements with local suppliers to stay up with China’s fast technological progress.

BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen are collaborating with Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent, per a study by the Chinese think tank Merics.

In October, VW also disclosed that it will join with Chinese software company Horizon Robotics to create autonomous driving solutions, investing up to two billion euros in the venture. According to China head Brandstätter, this will allow software engineers on the ground to “better analyze local client demands.”

In the future, it will be an interesting scenario for consumers to decide which cars are equipped with a familiar tech ecosystem or go for the original manufacturers such as BMW, or Mercedes.

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