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What is the scenario of digital online news in the UK?

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Digitally transferring the news for the consumer. The buzz word- digital online news. The news is accessible via various devices. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are the most used devices in the UK. The technologically advanced devices with enhanced capabilities need support to access such online news.

Are we ready to accept the culture of digital online news completely?

The modern era of digitally connected resources is outshining some of the old habits of entertainment. Television and radio used as status symbols. Along with time, those devices experience the expiry date of themselves.

The modernization of technology is just not making the connections faster. But reachable at just a click. The era of having a website is perishing with more click per rate.

The modern culture also reshapes the news deliverables. With today’s competitive world culture, things changed. The more adventures, onsite and shorter are the news clips. The new modern culture of running for your survival needs got little time to listen to 30 minutes of news video.

The digital world can fill those gaps between the transition from work to home. Or, home to work. Those are the small periods proving ample opportunity to attract more vies. This timeline creates more revenues.

Internet platform used for digital online news consumption in the UK 2020.
Other websites/apps used for digital online news consumption in the UK 2020.
Devices used for digital online news consumption in the UK 2020.

As per a survey by YouGov, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 62% of consumers use Smartphone devices. The use of Smartphone news reading declined in 2020 by 1%.

In 2019, 63% used smartphone devices. The rise in the number is for last 5 years. The increase in the use of smartphone devices is from 42% to 62%.

In the UK, the maximum consumers are from Wales and England. The use of news apps and websites is more in Wales and England. Compare to Northern Ireland and Scotland. The internet use in England is 67%. The highest among the UK region.

In my opinion, with time and modern revolutionary technological solutions. The world will experience more innovation. The focus of the apps is reading and viewing. Although, listening is important.

The apps focused on created a segment for the equal use of your listening capabilities. It may help in providing more ideas for revenue generations. The way Blinkist uses 15 minutes of your time.

The revenue model uses good business schemes. It is a two-way profit. The UK customers summarized by their interested books. And the app improves your listening skills. It is not just about online news.

Source:- Statista.

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