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Is Conversational AI the new trend in 2022?

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AI has been a gift in the pandemic scenario. An unexpected situation leading the world to leap the way business needs to be done without coming into contact with each other. Handling the business inside the office as well as maintaining the oversees contact.

The AI tools have been a helping hand to bridge those gaps. In the industrial sector, the major focus has always been the customer experience. How well are you able to handle the customer journey?

Are you able to bring your customers back to your doorsteps? And the next is the employment experience. How well the employees are treated in the companies? How did the experience been with all the peer-to-peer pressure, work stress, or handling any rough clients?

The industry coined such experiences as the CX (customer experience) and EX( Employee Experience). The AI bots or feedback automation platforms helped the customer journey to grow and bring them closer to the companies.

A vast landscape changed from 2019 to 2022 due to the COVID pandemic situation. So with time CX and EX need also to evolve and become more agile with the evolving situation.

As Gartner released, TX (Total Experience), has been the umbrella term encompassing the CX, EX, multi-experience, and user experience. It has been the new benchmark for the targeted industries.

However, the benchmark terms are being improved with the new conversational AI trends. Yes, we need development in those areas too. AI plays an important role to enhance the customer interaction experience, narrowing the problem, and bringing it to the tech expert to solve it quickly.

The AI trends in the market:-

It includes Voice spots in banking, traveling, or hospitable sections, human plus AI bots, intelligent IVR, Restock notifications (such as discount offers to target the lost customers or abandoned cart messages), personalized ads, and bot initiative conversations, and DIY bots.

I am interested to see more DIY bots, as it gives the tech nerds the to create their bots and present them in the world. The platform is interesting and provides ample opportunity that the internet provided in the initial days.

The human plus AI bots, such as live agents, provide the necessary backup and also helps the customer to get the right support from the assigned tech. It is also not cumbersome for the customer to get into trouble with AI bots.

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