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Top Deeptech StartUps in 2023 in India

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As per Nasscom and Deloitte, the top Deeptech Startups in India are: –

  • Saveo: A B2B marketplace for pharmacies. It is founded by Vivek Jaiswal, Anurag Savarnya & Shivansh Shrivastava. The headquarters is in Bengaluru. The company aims to bring the primary and secondary medicine market together with fast delivery, cheaper procurement, and better technology for pharmacies. The platform is equipped with live tracking, digital payment services, and a virtual inventory.
  • AgniKul Cosmos: It is founded by Srinath Ravichandran, Moin SPM, Satyanarayanan Chakravarthy & Janardhana Raju. It is headquartered in Chennai. It was started in 2017 as a combustion R&D company at IIT-Madras. At a lower cost, the startup provides a dedicated launch vehicle for smaller satellites. They are also using 3D printing technology to cut down the cost of launching vehicles. In November 2022, the company completed the test firing of Agnilet. It became the world’s first 3D-printed single-piece rocket engine.
  • Grab A Grub: It is founded by Pratish Sanghvi, Jignesh Patel & Nishant Vora. The headquarters is in Mumbai. Grab is a subsidiary company of Reliance Industries with an 80% stake. It is an exclusive in-house logistics provider for JioMart. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing tech-abled last-mile logistic solution company caters to businesses from restaurants, online grocers, offline and online retail, e-commerce platforms, kirana store, pharmacies, etc. Currently, it provides services in 600 cities with more than 13,000 pin codes in the country.
  • Staqu: It is founded by Atul Rai, Anurag Saini, and Pankaj Sharma. It is headquartered in Gurugram. It was founded in 2015. It is an AI startup. It delivers solutions for image recognition, audio-video analytics, and text processing.  The company is involved with several private and public organizations. The company was also responsible for the first facial recognition system, Jarvis to be used by the Police and is used in the Punjab Artificial Intelligence System in 2020. The vision is to integrate JARVIS technology in all cameras to operate them intelligently as humans.
  • Pepper Content: It is founded by Anirudh Singla & Rishabh Shekhar. It was headquartered in Mumbai. A powerful content marketing platform to help companies for creating high-quality content at speed and scale. They provide services by building the company’s dream content team, creating and managing content, and connecting with creators on their platform.
  • SecurelyShare: It is founded by Prakash Baskaran. It is headquartered in Bengaluru. It was founded in 2017 as its sixth start-up with a vision to be a global norm for communicating sensitive data in a secure, trusted, and intelligent manner. It is an R&D-based company with a focus on providing unique tools and technologies for varied data security and privacy needs. The company is backed by seven US-granted patents. The company provides the necessary security, privacy, and confidentiality for storing and communicating with an organization’s structured and unstructured datasets internally or externally.  
  • QNu Labs: It is founded by Sunil Gupta, Srinivas Rao Aluri, Mark Mathias & Anil Prabhakar. It was headquartered in Bengaluru. It was founded in 2016. It is the first Indian Quantum Safe-cryptography space company. The primary product deals with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). The problem of secure key distribution is solved by allowing the exchange of a cryptographic key between two remote parties. It is done through an exchange of encoded quantum bits (qubits), which are unhackable. The company used the unbreakable laws of quantum physics to prevent data thefts caused by cyberattacks to empower organizations to become future-ready against more advanced attacks.
  • Marut Zap: It is founded by Prem Kumar Vislawath, Suraj Peddi, and Sai Kumar Chinthala. It is headquartered in Hyderabad. It is a pioneer in the Indian drone industry. They want to use the technology to offer highly efficient and effective ways of controlling mosquito products.
  • BigHaat Agro: It is founded by Sateesh Nukala, Sachin Nandwana & Kiran Vunnam. It is based in Bengaluru. It is India’s leading Agri Digital Platform. It is transforming the agriculture value chain from preharvest to post-harvest leveraging science, data, and technology. The farmers are made enable to make informed decisions during the entire cropping cycle.
  • FarMart: It is founded by Alekh Sanghera & Mehtab Singh. It is based in Gurugram. It is India’s first SaaS-led B2B food supply platform. The app enables agri-retailers to serve farmers by enabling access to inputs, advisory, and market linkages. A fully integrated food distribution platform with high-quality, farm-sourced produce from India securely and reliably. The tech platform allows rural agri-input shops to purchase farmers’ produce at the first mile.
  • Skyroot Aerospace: It is founded by Pawan Chandana & Bharath Daka. It is based in Hyderabad. It is founded by former Isro scientists. It is a space tech startup. It addresses the global concerns of how to launch low-cost solutions to reach space in a smaller time frame. In November 2022, Skyroot became the first private space startup to launch a rocket from India.
  • Terrals Technologies: It is founded by Sumit Sinha & Mukesh Bansal. It is headquartered in Bengaluru. It is aiming to create an ecosystem of patients, doctors, hospitals, health devices, insurance, and patient care service providers. A single platform is provided to the patients for digitizing prescriptions, personalized health reminders, and tracking vitals by syncing them with devices that can track daily steps, blood levels, and other symptoms.

Source:- The Times of India

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