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What are the main challenges faced in digital transformation?

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With every new solution or innovation, challenges will also follow as a gift to any organization or firm. Oftentimes, the challenges came to be overcome, and sometimes they cannot be.

Digital transformation is quite a new and unique concept for the business world to comprehend meaning. The concept is highly technical to find out its use and the right places to implement it in an effective way for the companies to generate more revenues.

The main challenges faced in the firm in digital transformation are: –

  1. Organisational agility is lacking.
  2. Resistance internally to change.
  3. Security risks.
  4. Leadership is lacking.
  5. Insufficient funding.
  6. New digital technology difficult to integrate.
  7. Integration problem of the existing technology.
  8. Suitable technology partners not available.
  9. Technology unstable

The technology is not well accepted by every employee in the firm. As the growth of the companies sometimes depends to move or flow with the latest trend. However, it becomes stressful and pressurized for every employee to learn every new trend available in the market.

Often times the new technical tools or software don’t even last with time.

Source:- Demystifying AI

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