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Enabling, improving or business transformation is referred to as Digitalization. A technology that changes a business model and new revenue and opportunities which produce values are provided can be termed as Digitalization.

It can also be defined as the process of compressing analog signals into bits and bytes in order to have them in digital form. It may be available in digital images and films.

Digitalization means digital content and helps us to create a new economy. The technology can be processed into a process that is digitized and a new digital business strategy emerges by leading with new technologies.

But the main problem is the confusion with the digitization. There is a huge difference between these two-term which plays an important role in today’s digital world. Digitization is the conversion from the analog form into digital form i.e. in bits of information.

Thereby the process efficiency has increased whereas Digitalization engages with people to use technology with people to address their precise needs.

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