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How electromobility came into existence?

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Electromobility is associated with the connection in traffic flow, greenhouse emission, pollution control, and noise emissions which resulted in an alternative for the urban settler in case of mobility.

However, the unique selling concept of electric energy was clearly a disadvantage. It was presumed generally that progressing technologically and its sequential polarization in a specific direction provided the solution for such a problem.

The Journey of electromobility can be divided into two phases:

The first phase:

1851 Locomotive with an electric motor.

1860 Battery lead for vehicles.

1881 Automobile with an electric motor at 12Km/h.

1890 Automobile with an electric motor on wheels/ Porsche -Loner.

1900 Mobility in the USA.

38% Electric vehicles, 40% steam engines, and 22% Vehicles with Gasoline Engines.

The second phase:

1992-2005 Production vehicles with electric motor drive

1992-1996 VW-City Stromer (120 Vehicles); 1995-2005 PSA-Peugeot, Citroen (10,000Vehicles); 1996-1999 GM-EV1 (1100 Vehicles).

The mobility in the USA was mainly dominated by electric vehicles and steam engines, after the introduction of electric locomotives in 1851 and batteries in 1860 but the vehicles with combustion engines were also developed in the same intensity. In 1882, Germany was powered by electric vehicles running on stored energy. After a few years, standard cars with electric drives were already available in Germany.

But after a certain period of time, the internal combustion engine was developed successfully, the price of the oil got reduced and the simple efficient conversion which got used as a mobility fuel led to the temporary discontinuation of automobiles which was electrically powered due to its unsolved problem with minimal energy storage on board.

After the miss happens in 1973 and 1979 with the oil crisis, emphasis was more on alternative sources of energy. Kuwait being concurred by Iran led the industrial nations to divert more towards a sustainable solution with electro-mobility.

The war between the two major exporters in the world led to the vulnerable fact that the world’s energy supply and energy market being involved act as a trigger for the second phase in an electro-mobility market.

In France, most of the public authorities were allocated with electric cars but the acceptance was low which was caused by only a limited range of public.

The third phase which is currently going on is triggered mainly to handle the CO2 emission in connection to the greenhouse effect. The development is mainly focused on electric motors, batteries by the energy storage on them, and the focus are to convert energy conversion on fuel cells.

Source:- Alternative Antriebe für Automobile by Cornel Stan




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