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Energy Efficiency using LED Tube light

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In today’s world, energy consumption is an area of major concern. A huge amount of R&D work is going on to minimize energy consumption. The best solution and a tight competition to the conventional lamps are the LED lights. LED indoor Tube Lights, street lamps give a promising 100% energy efficiency with less power consumption.

As per a recent survey, LED fixtures and Lamps help in giving a 60% reduction in electricity consumption. The street lights have a record of saving more than 80%. Due to the reduction of electricity consumption, it directly converts into saving the electricity bills resulting in huge savings in operation, maintenance, repair & replacement, manpower costs.

I would like to list out some benefits of LED lamps over conventional Lamps:

  • In conventional Lamps, there is a higher consumption of energy whereas, in LED Lamps, under normal conditions, the consumption is reduced by more than 60% and under controlled voltage conditions more than 79%.
  • In conventional Lamps when the “Greener” Energy parameter is considered, environment hazard is significantly present but in the case of LED lamps, it is a ROHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Compliant) compliant. There is no Mercury used at all which is very good compared to CFL Bulbs where mercury is used.
  • The approximate life of conventional Lamps is 5000 burning hours whereas the approximate life of LED Lamps is 15000 burning hours.
  • The optical color clarity of LED Lamps is very high whereas in conventional Lamps it is poor.
  • In conventional Lamps the burning temperature is really higher, resulting in higher CO2 emission whereas, in LED Lamps, the burning temperature is lower and hence eco-friendly.

As the LED tube light has a wide market in areas like Industrial hubs, ICT hubs, Real estate sector, Metro Rail platform, Railway Platforms, Airports, Smart City projects. Schools, supermarkets, malls, etc. The customer needs to select the vendor who has got a promising and profitable plan for the client.

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