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Why Epson robots?

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Epson robots were founded in 1975 and it is headquartered in California, US. The company’s specialties are industrial automation, industrial robots, and precision automation.

Epson has been a leader in industrial robot technology for over 30 years. The robotic systems reflect decades of experience in high-precision micro-component assembly and are globally recognized for their speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

The next level is with Smart Motion Control Technology. It is a powerful new advancement for greater precision and efficiency.

Epson robot supports Vibration control technology, Sensing technology, and Vision technology with high productivity, high quality, and easy operation.

Let’s talk about their products,

G series robots are water resistant and dust resistance with a class-leading speed, repeatability, and low residual vibration. The advanced features and functions can significantly boost productivity in a wide range of applications.

LS series robots are ideal for all kinds of pick-and-place and assembly tasks.

T Series robots are built-in controllers for space-saving configuration flexibility and easy setup. Ease of configuration ensures high productivity with minimum downtime, reducing significantly the total cost of ownership (TCO)

RS series robots feature a ceiling-mount design and rotating arm for shortest-path access to the workpiece. An innovative arm design ensures high productivity while allowing a highly compact work cell configuration.

C4 Series 6-axis robots boast top-class speed, repeatability, and exceptionally compact bodies that make them ideal for assembly tasks and material handling.

C8 Series robots are compact, water and dust-resistant and they can be wall or ceiling-mounted. It is capable of handling payloads of up to 8 Kg.

N2 Series robots feature the world’s first 6-axis folding arm, enabling them to deliver outstanding performance in extremely limited spaces.

Check out their robots @ an event held in Mumbai, Automation Expo 2022,

Epson T series (T3/T6) SCARA robots are equipped with a built-in controller to eliminate the need for complex cabling. It offers outstanding energy efficiency and features a batteryless motor unit to help keep total operating costs low. It is affordable and cost-efficient, ideal for manual task automation, and a replacement for multi-unit, single-axis robot setups for complicated setup and maintenance.

  • Easy, efficient automation of manual pick-and-place tasks

Epson T series robots make automating simple manual tasks truly affordable. The robots are easy to set up and maintain and offer high operating efficiency that saves you money every time you use them.

  • Lower overall costs than single-axis robot units

Although the up-front cost of installing single-axis robots may be low, the complexity and long-term costs of setting up and maintaining single-axis units and cabling quickly add up. Single-axis robots also require more installation space, resulting in larger work cells to reduce usable floor space. T series robots are easy to set up and operate and reduce overall costs by allowing more efficient use of factory floor space.

The features of T series robots

  • Built-in SCARA controller
  • Cuts energy consumption by over 50%
  • Simple I/O and short cable conduit
  • Batteryless motor unit


It is a compact 6-axis robot with a built-in controller with an affordable way to automate repetitive manual tasks.

The features:-

  • The built-in controller saves space and makes setup easy.
  • A batteryless motor unit reduces battery replacement hassles.
  • 100V-240 V power source compatibility allows greater installation flexibility.
  • Pass-through wrist design makes cabling and ducting easier.
Epson robots

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