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Can Europe be considered as the next Artificial Intelligence hub?

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AI companies into artificial intelligence hub. How many of you can relate it to any of the European companies. Mostly associated with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

The companies dominating the US. Or even the financial world. And even the headlines. A major role played in the creation of the Artificial Intelligence hub in the US. The field created a massive call for the race across the world. With scientific and engineering talents to venture into America’s tech giants.

The scenario presents the tech giants to expand their horizons across Europe. And thereby presented with a dynamic platform. Thereby, presenting itself to be the competitor to the US.

A study by Asgard, a venture capitalist firm specializing in the AI sector, provides information. That North America got the highest number of AI start-ups, 921. 632 start-ups counted in Europe. And Asia with 258 start-ups. However, are the numbers enough to become the next Artificial Intelligence hub.

A report drew on data from several sources. Such as LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and Meetup by the tech conference group. From Finland Slush and the London-based venture capital firm, Atomico shows that the US’s AI sector has been outnumbered. Europe’s AI sector with 4.9 million.

AI developers in Europe’s tech hubs as compare to America’s 4.1 million AI developers. Significant growth in “deep-tech” start-ups in Europe. The focus is on AI and machine learning technologies to power self-driving cars. And industrial apps using the Internet of Things (IoT).

More than $2.3 billion has been invested in Europe. Since 2015, the deep-technology sector is in Europe. In 2011, around $1 billion raised by that region’s start-ups.

The leading fundraiser companies were France’s Sigfox, Italy’s fintech startup Euklid and Helsinki- based cloud computing company UpCloud. According to computer scientist, Siraj Khaliq, involved in Google’s search project. Europe produces tech companies bigger than Google. AI-focused as a business model.

The UK considered the number one spot for attracting international tech talent. Major headquarters being present strongly in London. AI hubs in Berlin are 13 percent. 3 percent for Amsterdam. And Zurich, 2 percent for Dublin. And 2 percent for Stockholm as per EU statistics.

In 2014, British start-up DeepMind technologies acquired by Google. Playing an important part in Google’s AI efforts. Google acquired Dark Blue Labs and Vision Factory also.

Microsoft on the lookout for such start-ups. Swiftkey, AI start-ups bought by the magnificent giant tech player. Magic Pony Technology bought by Twitter. Evi Technologies, purchased by Amazon. The team engineers were partly responsible for the voice-activated speaker assistant, Alexa.

The survey results and data show that Europe is a rising hub. But with Brexit, pandemic, the rumors spread out that Germany lacked skilled resources. Is it possible for Europe to stand the test?

Is it possible for Europe to bring back the glory? And prove that they are worth the expectation? Or will it just become a plain sighted vision? And the goal with no high deliverables?

What do you think the future will hold for Europe? Will it be the next Artificial Intelligence hub?

Source:- News and analysis of the Global Innovation Scene by MaryAnne M. Gobble.

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