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Which segments attracted the investment from immersive technology?

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The investment directions in various technology segments are different for immersive technologies. In some segments, the technology investments have seen growth over the year whereas in some segments a huge drop from the previous years.

No doubt immersive technology is mostly attracted among the young generation of guys or the tech guys. A digital environment is definitely not for everyone to grasp or enjoy.

Other than just enjoyment, technology found its importance in military and defense, manufacturing, and automotive. The retail and real estate market is also incorporating new ways to attract its consumer or customers with the use of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality or Extended Virtual Reality technology.

Extended virtual reality

Virtual shows or shopping is gaining beneficial importance in immersive technology to make the customer experience more innovative and hassle-free.

The trend is also towards a futuristic look. The acceptance of electric vehicles, trains, or lightweight vehicles is renovating and providing an outlook of futuristic looks. The use of immersive technologies in the real estate or retail market helps the market to launch something in reality rather than just be a fictional story.

In my opinion, the digital world is somehow not justified by the people who are working in low-wage jobs or even in part-time jobs. Digital reality is beyond anything to comprehend and once the consumers or customers get used to such technologies, it will be difficult to turn around.

Technology is evolving at a faster pace and definitely, it is not in anyone’s hands to stop the evolution. But what about the economic solution or how to find a balance between the digital world and the economic reality of the human world? Addressing such issues needs are important to stop future altercations.

Source:- Statista

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