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How Sustainable food industry is performing?

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The food industry is primarily an important sector or market where sustainability should be the primary aim for every company or restaurant or food hub.  

We got a variety of delicacies for every type of person surrounding us. How about sustainable food supplies for each people from a different nation? A primary need for us to survive is not just back in the home kitchen. But also, a billion-dollar market from raw supplies till the end it reaches your table.

As per the data shared by newschannel10.com, the global market value of ethically labeled packaged food, soft drinks, and hot drinks are 872.7 billion US dollars.

The revenue of the Fairtrade International products across the world in 2017 and 2018 was recorded as 8.49 billion US dollars and 9.8 billion US dollars.

In the US, the retail market value for ethically labeled food in 2019 is recorded as 228.39 billion dollars and in 2020 it was 231.3 billion dollars.

Which product features are important to buy foods in the US in 2017?

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In my opinion, the food industry is one of the most important sectors or industries for sustainability goals. It should be taken seriously since the major wastage is from the food chains, restaurants, or manufacturing industries. To recycle those waste and attain 90% of the target in Zero waste for the food industry can reshape the market in a completely different form.

The leftovers or the garbage waste are some of the important stuff to notice. Is it possible to process and recycle those waste? But will there be customers who would like to purchase recyclable foods from waste or leftovers, even though they are naturally processed?

Source:- Statista

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