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What is Generative AI technology?

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The technology that works with both AI and machine learning algorithms enables machines for creating new digital videos, images, texts, audio, or code. Generative AI uses an algorithm to identify the underlying pattern of input and hence similar outputs are generated with high-quality content.

The upgrade version of Generative Artificial Intelligence can be used for real-life environment monitoring and other various applications.

  1. Enhanced protection of identity by creating avatars to conceal real-life appearance.
  2. Machines can be used much better to comprehend abstract theories to encounter the situation in the real or simulated world.
  3. Improving the quality of the images, videos, or audio.
  4. They can be used in detecting suspicious activities as well as financial fraud or risk in the business sector.
  5. Reinforcement ML is used for rewarding desired actions and punishing unwanted ones. The technology can be used in removing or curtailing bias.

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