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What is GOPARKk?

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It is India’s first personal parking guard that can be controlled by an app. The app helps the commuters to share the unused parking spaces.

The parking system is highlighted by the app and whether it is allowed to park or not. It prohibits any sort of unauthorized parking on your space.

It works with easily sharable e-keys via WhatsApp with family and friends to use the parking system. It works in 4 steps:-

  1. Need to install the batteries. The Goparkk base is opened with the keys and 4 batteries need to be installed.
  2. The middle of the parking space is bolted with 4 bolts.
  3. The Goparkk app is downloaded with Appstore and paired with the smartphone using Bluetooth.
  4. The QR code is scanned and activates the Goparkk app in the box.

Source:- Goparkk

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