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How AI can be implemented in logistic industry?

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Have you ever thought of handling your complete inventory system by AI application? A per an article published in the industry of things, AI is providing the possibility of venturing out into a new domain. Logistics is one such popular area where handling inventory is a major theme. Analyzing the demand and supply and maintain the entire logistics processes in various industries can turn out to be profitable.

Automation and transport that can be robot-controlled with fully operational machines are seen as a developing phase where proper learning and training can incorporate continuous development. Even though the conceptualization and planning are in the early stage, the processes have not been handled independently.

A live example can be seen in Alibaba, where a part of loading and unloading was handled by AI but was monitored under human observation. Another application of such AI can be seen in the case of store logistics where the structured environment is helping to find an area for similar or identical schemas. Identifying the exact location, arranging, and rearranging the items as per the list order is something beneficial. 

Source:- industry-of-things

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