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How AI can be implemented in the paint shop?

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Have you often wondered about painting automobile vehicles or cars? The automobile vehicles or car that need to get their finishing touch before it lands up in the retail stores, needs to go through the paint shop.

AI applications can provide intelligent solutions with advanced analytics to identify error sources or maintaining the optimum times. In a self-learning process, the knowledge related to algorithms adapted in the system is helpful to detect any unknown defects or errors.

The AI application helps to address a lot of issues and undetected questions such as defects occurring in unusual body parts or when a mixer in the robot can be replaced without disrupting the machine in a standstill position. The economic success is sustainable with precise answers which are important with the error or unnecessary maintenance where the money can be avoided to improve the quality of the product. 

Artificial Intelligence can help in achieving accurate detection of such defects or failures. As per an article published in the industry of things, an example of using AI in detecting defects or failures can be seen in MES & Control Systems at Dürr. The analog data are evaluated with trial-and-error attempts. The plant is stated to be a new self-learning medium where a new process is monitored where the digital product family is included with Data acquisition ways.

Source:- industry-of-things

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