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How AI confronting the traditional industry?

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If we look back at the past, we can see data search created a new avenue and a technological path not just in terms of employment but also generating income via creating different branches. Something cannot be thought of in the genre of traditional industry.

Data led to big data analysis and leading to computing technology with various agendas in mind. Data created the benchmarking techniques, analyzing, forecasting, and predicting any forthcoming or unwanted scenario. A new way of handling technology and leading it to better opportunity and generating revenues.

As much data you collect, you are able to perfect your method and the ways in technology. So, how about AI working at the Edge which can be quite different and performing the search differently.

Real-time optimization can be created with the framework where the algorithm can be integrated into a machine control system. Real-time sensors can be used to monitor the production line and machines so that data can be collected and the abnormalities can be checked.

The dependency on the internet connection is very well handled where it is not needed and proper integration of IoT protocols is reliable. Cloud computing can be seen as an outdated technology by many companies where they are not depending on it but rather edge computing with an individual production line or location is analyzed with limited computing power.

An example of an AI controller is Omron’s technology where abnormal pattern recognition is achieved. The factory automation is suitable for control, motion, and robotics modules with machine safety capacity and suitable in various industries and sizes.

As we say, traditions are an important aspect but evolution is also something very much needed. The development and the growth in AI show how powerfully the technology is evolving but will it be able to preserve and conserve the mass civilization? Is it powerful enough to handle any natural calamity and provide a ray of positive hope?

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