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How AI has been benefited across the world?

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The advantage of Artificial Intelligence through a telescopic lens across the world can be observed as: –

  • One of the major achievements in Brazil was controlling the corruption that decreased with the help of an AI system known as “Rosie” that can detect and tweet unusual patterns for the payments related to politicians. 
  • One of the prominent diseases, tuberculosis is still prevailing across the world, and India is considered to be home to 25% of it. Remarkable success has been observed by a leading hospital in Delhi, using Artificial Intelligence to screen digital chest X-rays. 
  • Machine learning is used in Nigeria for “data-driven farming”, analyzing soil to help farmers decide on what crops need to be planted and how they can be managed. 
  • In India, an algorithm has been developed by a start-up, that enables reading facial expressions while students are trying to understand the materials. 
  • A private company in Sao Paulo, used AI in the form of a facial recognition system to detect the emotional responses of people in response to the ads. 
  • Middle-class commuters in Rio developed an app that checks the monitoring of shootings before they leave the house. 
  • In India, predictive policing methods have been used by the Delhi Police to analyze the satellite images and cluster algorithms to locate “hotspots”.

In my opinion, AI can also be a powerful tool in tackling some societal issues dealing with oppression, face recognition can be used for handling the crime issues, or even drones in handling the crime hotspots to a safer zone.

Source:-  Global AI Ethics: A Review

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