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How artificial intelligence can protect from malware threat?

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The outdated systems are becoming a major problem in large-scale industrial infrastructures to handle the replacement for a considerable amount where companies rely typically on Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices for upgrading IT systems so that the malware potential and targeted attacks can be handled.

One of the most important examples of critical infrastructure attacks is the Stuxnet worm where an essential part of the nuclear program was dismantled by using the malware.

Also, one of the major problems identified was the risk of cyberattacks that not only got the potentiality of physical damage or threatening the individual safety but also the outdated operating systems to become vulnerable to threats.

The loss is not just in monetary terms but the damage can be colossal where the damage generated by a successful computer attack in Energy can be quantified in case of interrupting the power grids in the entire geographic areas where infrastructures are usually a nation’s interest.

However, cyberattacks in such infrastructure have been protected from the use of artificial intelligence and the famous name in 2019 is the neural network protection solution. The solutions from artificial intelligence have been proved to be efficient for the known and unknown attacks on Internet of Things devices as well as in large industrial firms for detection and protection provided against the malware from USB devices.

The Artificial intelligence-based solutions in the platform provide the scanning process where the device helps in detecting such an attacked network. The neural platform solutions provide an advantage in security firms by simplifying the scanning process of devices that are connected to large networks and provides global security in hygiene due to the large industrial firms in the operating environments are found often in isolated areas are far away in the IT organizations.

Also, the process takes care of automatic scanning for the entire network without any presence of humans and thereby the block to the access points are measured and detects any potential harm caused due to the replacement for the inserted device.

In my opinion, one of the major issues with large infrastructures running on any technically upgraded software goes through the malware dysfunctional issues and becomes a prominent problem in the long term.

With the new software, challenges to overcome the obstacles, and providing the hindrance to technical issues is a major goal and Artificial intelligence-based solutions can definitely provide a platform so that any adversity in the attacked network can be detected and protection towards such unknown threats can be tackled without hampering the large industries.

Source:- Artificial Intelligence in Romania and in the European Union by Ramona Marge

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