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How Baidu is involved in AI technology?

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A technology company, Baidu, based in Beijing was incorporated in 2000 involved in providing a Chinese-language internet search platform.

The Baidu company offers services such as social networking, photo sharing, entertainment, security, music products, software, mapping services, and mobile applications.

In July 2014, a big data lab was formed focusing on large-scale AI algorithms development with the use of predictive analytics, large data structure algorithms, and intelligent system research where the core topics of AI projects are technologies, robots, knowledge-based AI, speech recognition, and automotive industry.

  1. In Core search technologies, the research area is a lot to do with the hash technique. As the pattern can be observed on Twitter or Instagram. The research includes fundamental hashing techniques, hashing-based large-scale machine learning, hashing-based indexing and fast similarity search, image search, web search, and ranking.
  2. Robots are developed by Baidu that can have a one-on-one conversation with humans but is capable of asking questions for a better understanding of their latent intentions. An example of a developed robot is DuNurse for healthcare applications. The potential medical conditions can be diagnosed with recommendations of the treatment line.
  3. Knowledge-based AI with voice and language recognition for analyzing large volumes of unstructured data for use in domains such as professional query-answering, high-quality web search, and automating legal advice.
  4. A speech recognition engine was developed with an expected accuracy of 99%, the latest product includes Deep Speech 2, which uses deep learning for recognizing the words spoken in English and Mandarin. It is used in several apps such as Duer (Siri equivalent) and Melody (chatbot to assists doctors with recommendations and treatment options).
  5. The company is partnered with zaijia.com which is a manufacturer of home appliances for launching an AI-based home assistant robot. It is also involved in offering security monitoring and entertainment services.
  6. A self-driving platform as an open-source was used by Baidu known as Project Apollo for enabling other automobile companies to develop their own autonomous driving systems.
  7. Baidu acquired Raven Tech which is an AI start-up to develop a voice-recognition assistant.
  8. Baidu developed Paddle Paddle which is an open-source deep learning platform.
  9. They are invested in semiautonomous vehicles in joint partnership with Nvidia.
  10. A US$200 million venture capital fund was launched to invest in AI projects.

In my opinion, dominating your own domestic market with a local language definitely provides a strong platform for assistant and a foundation for better improvement in AI projects. The AI area covered is wide and spread out from speech recognition to semiautonomous vehicles.

Source:- Statista. Company information and press release.

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