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How the future robotic world looks like?

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The era of robots and robotic arms has not just opened the door for new technology but also a future with a new vision and new ideas. The focus is mostly to solve the problem to our daily needs with precise work but with an innovative approach and create a robotic world. In the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, the world was opened with such innovative technology, gadgets, and robots.

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In the show, several robotics solutions were presented by Samsung. One of them is a spherically designed rolling robot known as Ballie to run the smart home. It is designed with a mobile interface with an inbuilt AI to act as a fitness assistant, improve life as per needs, and act as a remote control to be a home assistant with remote devices.

Ballie is designed as per the law of the stringent data protection and privacy standards and is definitely a part of the next evolution of IoT. It is a combination of functions including voice assistant, surveillance camera, and control center. It also got an interactive function to communicate and as well as take orders or commands.

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Sony Vision- S electric car, depicts the Tesla model 3 with all the functionality from Sony. It is partnered with NVIDIA, Blackberry, QUALCOMM, and others.

It is embedded with 33 different sensors to monitor cars on the road, potential interface, and surrounded by the widescreen interface as its dashboard. The maximum speed attainable is 230 Km/h with an acceleration of 100 km/hr and takes only 4.8 sec.

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Sarcos presented Guardian XO that can be attached to any military staff and workers for heavy lifting and move heavy loads without risking anybody’s life.

It’s a super-suit with the capability of lifting over 100 pounds as per natural body movements. The purpose is mainly for cargo warehouses and lifting heavy machinery. The productivity is boosted in the industrial exoskeleton and is mainly to reduce injuries.

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BellaBot by PuduTech, a Chinese company is a robotic waiter. The face is designed as a digital cat display with meowing abilities. The robot is designed friendly with four layers of trays for multiple delivery functions, navigation systems, and positions.

The expressions change in many ways as per the reaction of different people. It got a tactile feedback system to make it lifelike with an ability to carry 120 small plates, 33 bowls, and 39 large plates.

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LOVOT from Groove X is a huggable robot that is a blend of a bear with a warm and soft body so that users can hug and pet them. It moves around the home autonomously and is a source of happiness providing emotional support for users.

One of the cutest abilities is to take photos of the users while they are smiling. It can serve as a baby monitor, creates a diary of interactions, and patrol the house as well. It has won CES 2020 Innovation Award Product honouree.

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T-HR3 was designed by Toyota as a Humanoid robot. It is a brand new, third-generation humanoid robot, a 1.5-meter-tall, weighs 75 kilograms, and has 32 degrees of torque-controlled freedom with a pair of 10 fingered hands.

It is based on GPU technology using an advanced synchronization and maneuvering system. It is controlled by a human operator in a virtual reality headset.

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Smasung NEON is the first artificial human showcased at CES 2020. It can display emotions similar to a human and got an interface to the internet where it can react, converse, and sympathize with humans in their daily lives.

It is powered by CORE R3 (Reality, Realtime, and Responsive), a proprietary tech platform. It creates a 3D model of the future that does not exist.

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Jarvish startup presented a smart helmet. It is designed with a 100% military-grade battery. The system is equipped in displaying speed, navigation, weather, multimedia, and roadside directly on the glass in a real-time scenario with front and rear mirrors.

The device can be connected to Alexa voice assistant to receive commands. It is expected to be able with features where the user can surf the web with an eye or voice.

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EVO II, EVOII prone, or EVO II dual series are the most powerful processed powerful foldable drone from Autel Robotics. It is an industry-leading 8K camera with 48MP photos. A 7000 MIH battery provides a 40-minute flight time and 12 optical sensors for obstacle avoidance.

A virtual protective bubble around the drone can be seen. It is an intelligent device with a top speed of 78 km/hr. It got a 6K with an adjustable aperture. It has got a thermal emission camera with a range of 9Km to cover. It has got an AI-enhanced tracking facility.


Mix Pro underwater scooter developed by a Chinese startup Sublue. It pulls snorkelers or divers with two electric-motor-powered propellers. The life of Mix Pro’s removable lithium-ion battery life is 60 minutes per 2-hour charge. The maximum depth of the scooter is 40 meters (131 ft).

The top speed is at a maximum of 1.8 meters per second (4mph). The speed is adjustable to a slower more energy-efficient speed of 1.2 m/s (2.7 mph). It is a mount for third-party underwater smartphone housings where the adventures can be recorded via the phone’s camera.

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MarsCat is a perfect Bionic pet cat, a home robot. It was developed by Elephant Robotics. A fully autonomous cat with responsive and sensitive interactions. It can feel touch, hear the voice, see the face, and play with toys. It is unique from its eyes and body to personality. It has got a powerful Raspberry PI with endless possibilities.

The only thing is, it comes at a good price. So which one do you like to see in the future?

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