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How to improve confidence in consumers for AI?

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As the world has become an immense field of competition and rivalry to hold the top position, the industry can be boosted with a major contribution from AI. Somehow, you like it or not, but it really looks cool and fascinating to see a robot functioning like a man.

Something we can see to program the intelligence to incorporate in our day-to-day life. Although it has been considered as a major threat to global empowerment making it a strong contender for low paid employees to lose their jobs but a progressive society won’t like to have any hindrance in the development of technology.

Another notable way of winning the confidence among the consumer is to win their trust by providing security to their privacy. Now and then, major tech big players in the industry are involved in issues concerning privacy.

Well, nobody would like to trade their information to buy household appliances, toys, cars, health trackers, and smartphones with a built-in AI mechanism. Often, it has been noted that AI products do transmit data to cloud-based platforms of their manufacturers, raising the concern of privacy as data trading has become a new means of a source of income to third parties.

But if relative legislation and strict compliance are provided to the consumer for best business practice, then the institutions can win the confidence among the consumer by incorporating the social responsibility and investment strategies that are socially responsible.

In my opinion, following the strict rules and laws regarding data privacy and protection in online business communication and telecommunication can help to curate the problem and protect the consumers against the decisions which are universally recognized and accepting of ethical principles and human rights.

Source:- European Economic and Social Committee (Artificial Intelligence for Europe).

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