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How human- robot collaboration works together?

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The collaboration of Omron with Techman resulted in an example of the technology potential where the factory floor can be revolutionized shortly to promote harmony between man and machine, known as new collaborative robots. An innovative solution has been offered to automate applications that are performing traditionally by humans with very difficult to automate.

Into an autonomous mobile robot, it can be seamlessly integrated which allows complex tasks to be automated using a 3D camera. Another known example is bin picking, different articles are quickly sorted out by robots and precisely they are placed in the bin.

It can be located by the 3D camera where the coordinates are sent to the robot whereas the advance calculations are carried out by the software for optimizing goods picking, in the context of customer-specific order specifications.

Another example is LD mobile robot that is mainly for goods transportation. Concerning it, the combination is efficient for different production processes that form the basis in particular to flexibility and reliable production and material handling.

It also predicts the future concerning the integration, mobile, and collaborative robots working together with people in a finely tuned manner to ensure production flexibility and adapting to the customer requirements.

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