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Hydrogen from natural gas without CO2 emissions

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In the future, climate-friendly fossil natural gases are going to make a trend where Methane pyrolysis is showing a strong position. Gaseous hydrogen and solid carbon are split from Methane that can be safely stored. Researchers from KIT are developing the process in a, particularly efficient way for the following purpose.

The debate concerning energy, hydrogen is seen as increasingly high as it is the key to the energy success turnaround. IEA i.e. the International Energy Agency got their experts who are calculated that 20 percent of hydrogen mixture in the European gas network leads to CO2 emission reduction by 60 million tons per year. It is considered to be the emission rate from Denmark in an entire year.

Professor Thomas Wetzel from KIT Institute of Process Engineering explains that “The direct thermal cracking of methane and other hydrocarbons offers a possibility to produce hydrogen from natural gas — without direct CO2 emissions”. The research group from KIT together with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studied e.V. in Potsdam has developed a process where methane is splitting continuously into components in a bubble column reactor that is filled with liquid metal i.e. into hydrogen and solid carbon.

In a solid form, the carbon can be stored safely as a pure substance that is used in many industrial areas. Hydrogen is used as a clean energy carrier for electricity. Heat and mobility are used for industrial processes such as steel production.

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