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Is Igus providing the new “raw robot” concept?

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The path to low-cost automation is as varied as the applications. Mechanical engineers and robot manufacturers want to build their own machines with a few inexpensive parts. Production companies with their own automation systems rely on semi-finished robots and adapt control systems and components to their standards.

On the other hand, smaller companies want systems that are easy to operate and, above all, very inexpensive. Igus takes up these different requirements and presented a new hardware component with its “raw robot” concept at the Hanover Fair 2019.

The “raw robot” by Igus offers an electromechanical basic framework for this growing market segment such as Robolink 4- or 5-axis articulated arm, delta, or Cartesian robot. With the help of a modular design principle, lubrication and maintenance-free robotic systems can be individually assembled.

Motors, gears, power electronics, control, GUI — everything is freely selectable. At the Hanover Fair 2019, Igus presented its latest generation of jointed-arm robots for the first time. The new Robolink will be available for less than 3000 to 5000 Euros. The compact, lightweight articulated arms are based entirely on the advantages of Igus Motion Plastics: light, lubrication and maintenance-free, durable, and more cost-effective in production. This allows small, configurable quantities as well as large quantities for machine and robot manufacturers.

The new arm has been further reduced by the plastic design, which allows the Robolink to be more precise. Due to integrated cable ducts, the cables are routed internally in the latest enclosed generation. The installation space is saved and prepares the articulated arms for use in the field of human-robot collaboration (MRK).

The new Robolink DC articulated arm can be individually configured and, depending on the type of application, can also be equipped with grippers, cameras, or sensors from a wide range of manufacturers.

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