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What is the scenario of immersive technology in the EU?

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The immersive technologies, i.e. AR/VR/XR/MR attracted huge investments in Europe. As per the Perkins Coie and XRA reports, more than 40% of the organization invested around $2 to $5 million. Whereas around 14% invested $51 to $ 100 million.

In the UK, immersive technologies are widely spread out across different sectors. A report by Digital Catapult shows that 29.9% of immersive tech specialist companies are in the technology sector. Around 22.3% immersive tech specialists in the Media and arts sectors.

11.7% immersive tech specialists are present in Leisure and hospitality, 6.7% immersive tech specialists are present in Real estate and construction sites, 5.95 immersive tech specialists are present in the Non-profit education sector.

2.8% immersive tech specialists are present in Healthcare and scientific sector, 2.7% immersive tech specialists are present in the industrial and agriculture sector whereas only 0.4% immersive tech specialists are present in the Energy and environmental sector which is quite low as compared to any other sectors.

The majority of the immersive tech specialist companies in the UK are present in Manchester and the North West, Bristol and the South West, and Northern Ireland.

A survey conducted by the Attest in 2019 shows that 21.7% of millennials own virtual reality headsets in the UK, 15.3% of Generation Z, and 10.7% of Generation X.

A report by Statista in 2018, shows the different company headsets available in Belgium. 3% of the Google Cardboard, 2% of the Playstation VR, 1% of the Samsung Gear VR, 1% Oculus Rift, and 1% HTC Vive.

A survey by Krakow Technology Park in 2019, shows that VR mobile set (Google Cardboard, Gear VR) devices are used maximum in Poland to play video games whereas HTV Vive is the least. Only 21% of the gamers in Poland use Virtual Reality devices.

In a nutshell, the VR market is spread out. Different companies are very well placed in the European market. It is not the local players but mostly the internal VR technology companies that are strongly present in the European market.

Source:- Statista

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