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Are industrial robots demanding in the market?

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As per a survey by IFR, the industrial robots have been sold over 300 thousand units from 2017. The demand is quite high across the world.

And the sales have been progressively higher around the different market. The major countries with demand for the industrial robot were the US, China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

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In my opinion, the demand of industrial robots being high in China, shows that the emerging countries need more of such supplies. The market is not saturated with the demand of industrial robots and is definitely a worth to explore.

Japan, comes next, as the crisis of skilled workers is high due to the negative birth rate and older generations. It can be seen as quite a boon for the production of such large-scale massive manufacturing of industrial robots.

The demand is also high in such markets. In comparison with two western countries, US and Germany, the scope of the usage of such high scale industrial robots are more in Asian. Or emerging countries.

However, African countries are somehow least explored. And shows that the competition is quite low as compare to any of its western or Asian counterparts.

If a need can be generated for various applications through industrialisation, slowly the demand can also go up. Once they get used to such applications.

The scenario can absolutely be different and provide an alternate reality than what is present now or the current trends. The Middle East countries are also somehow lacking the use of industrial robots.

Or the shipments market that can be explored. And with the expansion, increases the sales figure to a higher number.

As, the current scenario shows, saturation of the present market is a problem for any new player to grow. Or for an existing industry to manufacture and expand its sales in such places.

A new market with needs shown. And the benefits of such robots definitely help in expanding the knowledge about communicating such fields.

And also the expansion helps in improving the quality of work and prevents any stagnation in the market.

Source:- Statista (Industrial robots).

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