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How demanding Industrial robots are across the world?

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The current trends across the world show the report of above 3 million industrial robots in operation across the world in 2020. Automotive is the first sector with 35%, followed by the electrical or electronics sector. The other sectors with Industrial robots are chemicals, rubber, plastics, metal, and food sectors.

In 2016, IFR, known as the International Federation of Robotics, had stocks of about 1.8 million operational industrial robots across the world. The industrial robot is defined as an ‘automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator, programmable machines in three or more axes used in industrial automation application process.’

The 2008 financial crisis led to the huge demand for robots and it has been increasing steadily. Japan was one of the biggest suppliers. Since 2008, the annual increase in sales led to a considerable variation in the world.

Across the world, in 2017, in five countries the major robots were sold. China, South Korea, Japan, the USA, and Germany. In the UK, in 2016 the sales of the robot were increased compared to the previous year. In Italy, sales were down but in France it was high. Sales were also decreasing in Brazil but saw a sharp rise in Mexico.

In another study, it stated that China alone got a workforce of 800,000,000. Before 2016, 68 industrial robots were installed in China only for every 10,000 employees in a manufacturing industry. And in 2017, 87,000 industrial robots were installed in China.

In 2014, South Korea topped the chart with 475 robots installed per 10,000 employees. Japan with 214 robots per 10,000 employees, Germany with 181 robots, and Sweden with 164 units of robots installed per 10,000 employees.

Source:- Robots and AI at work

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