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In which industries could AI do most of the heavy lifting?

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According to experts, industries where AI could do most of the heavy lifting work:-

  1. Banking and Insurance: According to Accenture research, data collected from the Occupational Information Network, the U.S. banking and insurance sectors are with the highest potential for AI transformation. It is working with 66% of hours in the banking sector with high potential to be transformed by AI.
  2. Manufacturing: 3D printing designs can be optimized by AI to strengthen, manufacturing capability, and cost. AI can also be used in industrial vehicle design for optimizing designs and reducing waste.
  3. Healthcare: Analyzing medical images, assisting in diagnosis, and improving patient outcomes can be done with the support of AI.
  4. Retail: AI is used to personalize marketing tactics, analyze customer data, and optimize supply chain management.
  5. Transportation: AI is mainly used to optimize logistics, reduce fuel consumption, and improve safety.
  6. Energy: AI can also be used for optimizing energy consumption, reducing waste, and improving efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence is not limited to one particular industry but is widely spread out in different sectors and industries. By leveraging AI to automate tasks, optimize designs, personalize marketing tactics, and improve efficiency, where businesses can increase their revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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