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Is AI already used in making top decisions?

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The article “Demystifying AI: What Digital transformation Leaders can teach you”, by Brock and Wangenheim explains the usage of AI in business elaborately and the help the leaders can cultivate from the technical usage of AI extensively has been explained.

The guidelines of Artificial Intelligence applications to be successfully involved in a large-scale survey also included a need for data and the requirement for skilled staff and in-house knowledge that led to focus on improving the existing business offerings by using AI in the different organizations is not only time saving but also monetary effective.

The business offerings by Artificial intelligence and with technology partners at the same with an embedded Artificial intelligence show the importance of agile and the commitment from top-level management. The article also provides information about the interaction between the firm and its customers for the role of Artificial intelligence in marketing.

In another article “Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Engagement Marketing” by Kumar, Rajan, Venkatesan, and Lecinski show the help of Artificial intelIigence in an automatic machine-driven selection for products, prices, website content, and also advertising messages that are as per individual customer’s preferences where the role of personalization in associated information curation helps in reshaping the branding and customer relationship management strategies in firms related to both developed and developing economies.

In my opinion, the traditional way of marketing and the way Artificial intelligence is used to get personalized information can just alter the game of marketing completely where the leaders in the corporate world are not the game-changer but the customer and how they can just alter the market. The role of branding depending on the information via AI can change the market and also the strategies in customer relationship management in various firms.

However, the collection of personalized information is playing a major role in collecting and manipulating personalized information and playing with the customer’s mind. Well, Artificial intelligence is a boon to the marketing world but the adverse competition among the teams shows how it can be a curse also.

Source:- A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

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