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Is the Amazon Dispatch concept acceptable?

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In the world of Robotics, every company is coming up with some new ideas or concepts associated with solving problems for either a particular company or to the customer. So how come the world’s richest person will be lagging behind, one of his ambitious projects, Amazon dispatch, from his world of tech robotics is making quite a buzz.

No doubt, the empire of Amazon is not lagging in any way. The amount of expenses made by Amazon into new robotics solutions is not unknown. The logistic solutions for each warehouse are coming up with new sensor-based robots typically used for allocating the objects in their appropriate positions.

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One of the futuristic solutions used in making the delivery faster and increase the accessibility of door to door is with the robotic solution provided by Dispatch. It looks cool where the packages are being delivered on time without the hassle of any human interaction from its nearby service point.

However, is it going to solve the issue of availability in a particular period? One of the major problems with Amazon is the time when the exact time of delivery with +/- 30 minutes frame is not available and it is not mentioned.

If the problem of not waiting for the whole day even though with prime option can be solved with such robots where I get the information that my product or my order will be delivered at a particular time with +/- provides me a more futuristic advantage as a customer.

As a customer, receiving a package from a robot or a human is not much different. It will look cool or trendy and futuristic, let’s say for a couple of months but after that. Is it providing security that any kind of aggressive attitude will not be shown to such robots or the data security or the misuse of such application-related robots?

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