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Is the social credit system in China a threat?

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A leading role is being played by China in rapid technological development and a strong movement to be a world-dominating leader through major investments and implementing policies to contribute significant economic growth, powerful capability in military defenses.

And to be an influencer on a global scale. It has been observed that low-cost products and lower costs in the manufacturing front provided the possibility of eclipsing the United States and in particular to the rapid deployment of certain technologies.

China’s social credit system (the scoring system) is something a huge question mark by the abroad as the reason cited being least understood. A published news article alleges that citizens care ranked as per China’s social credit scoring system depending on the political views and social behavior.

The scoring system is based on the data drawn from surveillance cameras with embedded facial recognition features. The source of such collected data is e-commerce and social media platforms that got public and private sector data features being integrated.

However, the argument has been counteracted stating the data are not evaluated based on facial recognition or AI and such information is not shared between the state and the private sector and is currently being governed by the limited understanding of memoranda.

It has also been defined as a blanket term for initiatives been taken to strengthen pre-existing law enforcement in China. The financial credit system has been created with eliminating market fraud, reducing dishonest behavior in fields as diverse as environmental pollution or academic plagiarism.

The performance of individuals and companies can be evaluated by the numerical scores in limited terms and is still experimental in city-level cases, the system is not used currently by the state to make social judgments consequently about the citizens.

Nonetheless, the survey system has been appreciated by better-educated urban residents and it has been favored for preventing and controlling fraud. The system also benefits the sub-population for most good credits and thereby has been perceived positively.

In my opinion, the scoring system is in the progressive stage used as a tool for monitoring and evaluating a set of the population that is not causing any sort of fear or danger to western society, and neither it is used as waste with a harmful implication. The monitoring of mass can also result in controlling crime theft and future enhancement and development can lead to a better progressive feature.

Source:- Global AI Ethics: A Review.

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