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What are the top 10 predictions in the IT industry?

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As per Rick Villars, vice president of Worldwide Research, IDC Group,

Digitalization is now an integral but dynamic part of our world. The IT and communications industry itself will be one of the most changing industries over the next few years.”

“CIOs need to build procurement, development, and service teams that align with as-a-service and results-oriented technology delivery models. The main task of ICT providers, on the other hand, is to help companies increase the value of their data, process, use it, and share it.”

  • Digital first for customer and Operations: To delight consumers and strengthen operations, digital-first businesses are anticipated to move 70% of all technology and service expenditures to as-a-service and results-driven models by 2024. To adopt various customer loyalty models and data-driven business processes, these expenditures are required.
  • New Cloud Drivers: 40% of G2000 firms want to revise their cloud selection procedures by 2023 so that they place a stronger emphasis on business results. The focus is on edge computing for service providers and entire systems. It is also predicted that 80% of the organization will use AI-powered cloud-connected controls for distributed resources and data.
  • As-a-service prevails: With the adoption of the integrated as-a-service application, 40% of the large enterprises’ budgets will be redistributed. It will be focused more on security applications, cloud platforms, virtual workspace, and connectivity.
  • System-wide technology transition: By 2026, an organization will triple its spending on new systemic technologies such as 5G, blockchain, and electromobility.
  • Automate and support: By 2024, 70% of the Global 2000 companies will earn twice the return on technology investments to augment customer and employee activities rather than automate individual processes.
  • Data curation with challenges and opportunities: By 2025, 80% of companies will restructure their data governance process. Digital Sovereignty will be an important technique for a successful organization.
  • Rethink digital experience: 50% of the G2000 companies will shift their spending on new hardware and software by 2023 to reimagine and modernize the work experience.
  • Sustainability a reality: By 2025, 60% of the G2000 companies will be with digital sustainability teams to certify and coordinate the use of business data and sustainability indicators.
  • Data governance will be questioned: The valuation of publicly traded companies by 2025 will be more of proper and effective use of data, financial controls, and data-centric solutions.

Source: Industry of Things (industry-of-things.de)

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