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Why Janatics India Private Ltd?

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Janatics India Private Ltd was established by two technocrats  Mr. G.C. Nageswaran and Mr. K. Jaganathan in 1977. It is located in Coimbatore, India.

The company is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic products in India and they use the ORACLE ERP system. In the textile industry, the company develops cylinders and valves.

The company’s specialties are manufacturing in Pneumatic cylinders, Directional Control Valve, Air Preparation units, Solenoid Operated Valves, One Touch Fittings, Complete Pneumatic systems, Didactic products, ISO Air Cylinders, VDMA Cylinders, Compact valves, Flow Control Valve, Pneumatic Counters, Pneumatic Timer, Regulator, Filters, Lubricator, Trainer Kits, Modular manufacturing System, Compact Cylinders, Round Cylinders, and Valves.

Check out the videos and photos of their product @ an event held in Mumbai, AutomationExpo 2022,

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