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What was the journey of Robo’s advice from 2016 to 2019?

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One of the major applications of AI and its usage in a mass customer benefit is Robo’s advisor. The application is with a financial advisor in many financial or investment management plans with digital financial advice, based on mathematical rules or algorithms.

The algorithms are programmed by data scientists with less or moderate intervention by humans. The package is available in a software platform and designed in a customer-oriented manner.

As per a survey conducted in the Retail banking sector in Germany in 2016, shows only 4% have tried to use Robo’s Advice and will gladly use it again in the future whereas 35% of them are not so keen on such technologies and neither shows the interest to use it in the future.  

The reasons for the negative attitude have not been answered. Are they not happy with such technologies, or do they find it hard to comprehend the process? Is Robo’s advice monotonous and doesn’t provide an adequate solution?

In an era of autonomous or Robot axis is hard to digest the result shown in the case of Robo’s advice.

Have you ever tried Robo's advice?
Source:- PwC

In the next survey, how much agency funds are allocated for Robo Advisors as per country across the world in 2017 are shown. The results show the USA and Germany leading the game, however, the gap of funds invested by the USA and Germany is quite high.

Agency funds for Robo's Advice in million dollars
Source:- Burnmark

In 2020, a survey was conducted for advice on retail banking and the result shows whether it should be increased strongly and in what percentage in a different area?

Should the forms of robo's advice in retail banking be increased strongly (2020)?
Source:- Horváth & Partners

In my opinion, the journey with customer and the interaction with client definitely shows the acceptance and a positive approach toward such algorithm and adequate genuine information is resulting into providing the correct advice within minutes of your time frame, shows the save of your investment in your time and the journey is fulfilling.

Source:- Statista (Robo-Advice)

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