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Which continent is leading the service robotics applications?

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One of the major gaps service robotics is fulfilling in every way in the service-oriented industry. The things that may look small. But need higher attention or require more time. And effort with more amount of cleanliness with on-time duty. It is a heavy list of abilities and sometimes needs more time and effort.

The industries such as Medical, domestic tasks, logistics, agriculture where the man-power is needed. It is more than the required high-skilled abilities. It is becoming the attraction sector for the robots to fill in.

Most of the developed countries are with high wages per hour. However, with a rising negative birth rate. And less amount of availability of such people in segments. It requires the need for such service-oriented robotics applications.

Sales of service robots by volume

In my opinion, the service-oriented robots also show which continent is lacking the resources. Or trying to compensate the gap with the need for such robots. The expected sales forecast of such service robotics shows the need is increasing every year.

And so does the demand for such robots in the service-oriented field. The sale volume of European service robots is less than compared to its Asian counterpart. The reason is unknown, but maybe the cost or the need has not been created the same.

As the other Asian or American continent. The specialty is a provider of service-oriented robots. It is being dominated by the American continent. An area exclusively gaining maximum effort. And attention from the American market. 

Are service robotics so effective?

The survey result shows the major need for such service-oriented robots is in the Medical industry. The need created and is fulfilling it efficiently. Resulting in high demand every year.

The sales volume of such robots in 2020 was recorded at 7,548 million US dollars. In 2021 8,000 million US dollars. And in 2022 it is forecasted to be 10,063 million US dollars. The figures clearly indicate the real need for such robots in industries like Medical justifies.

That how technology is reshaping the requirement of the medical industries. But also proves that it can be used in sectors where life-saving actions are more in need.

Source:- Statista (Robotics).

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