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What is the lifelong learning for robots?

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Robots- the human-made machines to work intelligently and make the world a better place but to achieve it needs to learn in the lifelong term.  

In the run-up to 2035, a new strategic branch of research has been developed which is the run-up to 2035 to derive a complex conclusion. To investigate how basic algorithms are organized globally in the team, it will need to develop, implement, and optimize.

In addition to that, the machines how they confront problems that will need to be continuously improved through reactions, and new actions need to be anticipated to develop in different ways. For robots to achieve new reward and incentive systems, implicit and explicit feedback signals need to be developed.

Next also comes with ethics. Is it necessary to design and provide guidelines for robots to have and operate with their own ethics? As humans need to follow a certain amount of guideline and ethics so does the robots.

Robots are after all machines with programmable chips and in the wrong hand can create disturbance in a normal process. It can be reprogrammable and can be misused for the wrong purpose. Is it possible to incorporate lessons in such reprogrammable robots to make a concise choice and operate with an effective decision?

One thing that makes beautiful about the future is its unknown zone. Even though we plan for life-long terms and decisions but how far is it going to be effective, is something hard to decipher.

As the scenario clearly shows that lifelong learning is not only meant for humans but is a process for machines too.

Sources:- Elektronik Praxis

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