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Which mobile apps are the leading ones in the United States?

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A survey by comScore shows the most popular US smartphone apps reached the US audience in 2020:-

  1. Youtube with more than 75% but less than 80%
  2. Facebook with more than 71% but less than 75%.
  3. Gmail with 57%.
  4. Google search with more than 55% but less than 60%.
  5. Facebook Messenger with 50%.
  6. Google Maps with 50%.
  7. Google Play with 44%.
  8. Amazon mobile with 43%.
  9. Instagram with 40%.
  10. Google Drive with 34%.

The online platforms in the US show the audience gaining importance with more social medial apps. Mobile apps such as Youtube are number 1.

Youtube with short videos opened the market for youngsters to have their channel just for a blink of their eye. Even short creative videos are gaining more importance than one player for a longer time.

Quite interestingly, Google being the number 1 platform in the US, can capture the top 10 list in remarkable different ways. However, Facebook can be seen as the tough competitor for any online entertainment apps against google apps.

Even google photos or Snapchats are quite a way behind compared to any of the apps by Facebook.

Source:- Statista

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