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Who are the leading mobile app publishers in the United States?

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 A survey by Verto Analytics shows the top mobile apps used in the United States in 2019:-

  1. Alphabet Inc. – More than 25% of the time is spent by Americans.
  2. Facebook, Inc.- Around 17% of the time is spent.
  3. Samsung group- Only 5.9%.
  4. Apple Inc.- Only 3.6%
  5. Amazon.com, Inc- Only 3.4%
  6. Microsoft Corporation- Only 2%
  7. Twitter,Inc.- Less than 2%.

The result is somehow strange. Even though Twitter’s presence is strong in the media. The presence is not appealing among US citizens. The time spent is way too little than you can think of.

The most controversial mobile app. Facebook, is the No. 2. Even though the turbulence and data security issues were the major threat to the app. But the Facebook market is still valuable.

Another big surprise is the absence of the use of Instagram, Youtube, or TickTock. Mostly the app has been doing round for its business accounts. The comfortability to be a solo performer or a group performer and share your artistic skills.

Even for the small-time business people, the marketplace or the business accounts have been valuable for a one on one communication and sending your products across your states, across the borders.

Source:- Statista

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