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What are the key differences between Mobile Robots and Stationary Robots?

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The key differences between Mobile robots and stationary robots are:-

Mobile Robots:

  1. The design of mobile robots is based on autonomous movement or under human control. They got locomotion systems for allowing them to navigate through environments such as wheels, tracks, legs, or aerial mechanisms (drones).
  2. Greater flexibility is offered by mobile robots for changing locations and adapting to different environments. It can navigate indoor and outdoor spaces also easily on different terrains, with various areas accessible within the operational range.
  3. Mobile robots are used in applications with essential mobility such as autonomous vehicles, delivery robots, warehouse robots, agricultural robots, and search and rescue robots. The tasks are suitable to explore unknown environments, transportation, surveillance, or tasks requiring interaction with objects or people.

Stationary Robots:

  1. The robots are fixed in a specific location with no ability to move autonomously. They are designed for performing tasks in a fixed workspace or within a specific area.
  2. The robots are designed with a stable base or platform with no requirement for mobility for the intended function. They are bolted to the ground or mounted on fixed structures.
  3. Stationary robots are used commonly in industrial settings, manufacturing processes, assembly lines, and laboratory environments. The task is excelling in repetitive operations, precise manipulation, and working within a specific workspace. Such as robotic arms in factories, CNC machines, 3D printers, and laboratory automation systems.

The comparison indicates the flexibility and autonomy present in mobile robots whereas stationary robots offer stability and specialization in specific tasks.

Source: Technical Robots, Types of robots

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