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Autobots Inc

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Autobots Inc is a technology startup. It was founded in 2017 and it is headquartered in Chennai, India. Srikanth Hariharan is the CEO of the Autobots Inc. Autobots focuses on emerging trends in Robotics to cater to both industries as well as the education sector. A wing of M/s. Mayura’s Industrial Services (MIS), has a rich experience of over 20 years in … Continue reading Autobots Inc

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Why Janatics India Private Ltd?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Janatics India Private Ltd was established by two technocrats  Mr. G.C. Nageswaran and Mr. K. Jaganathan in 1977. It is located in Coimbatore, India. The company is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic products in India and they use the ORACLE ERP system. In the textile industry, the company develops cylinders and valves. The company’s specialties are manufacturing in Pneumatic cylinders, Directional Control … Continue reading Why Janatics India Private Ltd?

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Why Epson robots?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Epson robots were founded in 1975 and it is headquartered in California, US. The company’s specialties are industrial automation, industrial robots, and precision automation. Epson has been a leader in industrial robot technology for over 30 years. The robotic systems reflect decades of experience in high-precision micro-component assembly and are globally recognized for their speed, accuracy, and ease of use. The next … Continue reading Why Epson robots?

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Why Robonetics Automation Solutions?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Robonetics Automation Solutions is an exporter and OEM Manufacturer of robotic solutions. It was founded in 2017. The company CEO is Prasanna V. The revenue generated is Rs. 2-5 Crore. The exporting countries are Mexico, Spain, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Russia. As per the company history, Technologies were established in 2017 and have already taken a significant place across World. Our company was … Continue reading Why Robonetics Automation Solutions?

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Why HIKvision robots are important?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin HIKvision address the challenges and concerns in the factories related to workers’ safety and secured operation. HIKvision answers the concerns related to the single or multi-site operation by offering an all-encompassing solution to focus on four critical components. The solutions also improve property solutions but help in improving operational safety and efficiency by adapting AI-powered functionality. HIKvision was founded in 2001 and … Continue reading Why HIKvision robots are important?

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Why MAXOLUTION AGV by SEW Eurodrive?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturing company. It is headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany. It was founded in 1931. The company is involved in producing gear units, motors, electric motors, and inverter technology. The revenue generated EUR 3.31 billion (2021). Christian Pähr founded Süddeutsche Elektromotorenwerke – SEW. MAXOLUTION AGV is suitable for multiple functions based on the requirements. It consists of … Continue reading Why MAXOLUTION AGV by SEW Eurodrive?

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Orbital Automation Private Limited

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Orbital Automation Private Limited was established in 1985. It is headquartered in Mumbai. The competencies are in Mechanics, Electronics, Software, Robotics, Vision, and Special Purpose Machines. The company products are – Riveting Machines, Cam indexing Drive/Indexing tables, Clinching machines, Safety Light Curtains, Special Purpose Machines, Screw tightening Machines, and Industrial Sensors. Orbital forming is a noiseless, non-impact process of cold forming-replacing traditional … Continue reading Orbital Automation Private Limited

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Why Lincode AI?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Lincode is an Artificial Intelligence and industrial IoT company focused on increasing the quality delivery of manufacturing companies. The company uses powerful technologies for Industry 4.0 to help improve manufacturing efficiency, and production capacity to meet the desired ROI. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Menlo Park, California. The company specializes in AI/ML, Industry 4.0, and Smart factories. … Continue reading Why Lincode AI?

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An Interview with Abhinav Kumar

Reading Time: 2 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin As per Brand Finance, TCS‘s brand value is US$16.8 bn, and the brand strength index is 83.2. Tata group got a ranking of 78th , the most valuable brand in the top 500. An interview was conducted by Brand Finance with the Chief Marketing & Communication officer- Global Markets, TCS. Editing is done as per requirement. “As a brand I admire – … Continue reading An Interview with Abhinav Kumar

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Read the full interview of Infosys CEO

Reading Time: 4 minutes Facebook Twitter Linkedin The global brand ranking is 158, and the brand value is US$12.8bn. In an interview conducted by Brand Finance, Sumit Virmani CMO, Infosys, mentions the strength of the company, and why Infosys holds the position today. Infosys is the fastest-growing IT Services brand. What role does ‘performancemarketing’ play in this growth and Infosys’ overall brand strategy? Performance marketing – where marketing outcomes … Continue reading Read the full interview of Infosys CEO