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Prize-winning research on methane pyrolysis

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The KIT researcher and Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. was awarded the Innovation Prize of the German Gas Industry in 2018 on methane pyrolysis that also won the audience award at the ERDGAS 2018 future workshop, organized by the Industry Initiative Zukunft ERDGAS.

Dr. Timm Kehler, Chairman of the Industry Initiative Zukunft ERDGAS (Natural gas of the future) says that “At the Future Workshop and the Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry, forward-looking gas technologies are given a stage.”

It was a pleasing moment by Dr. Timm Kehler that a joint project by KIT and Wintershall Dea brought decarbonized natural gas into the market.

As Kehler says that. “We need green gas and such future-oriented partnerships to quickly master the challenges of climate change.” The project is also a winner of the Innovation award where Zukunft ERDGAS (Natural gas of the future) is together with other industry associations. The events are supported by Wintershall Dea.

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