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How progressive is the German Automation industry?

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The debate over the western countries vs the Eastern countries and how powerful the Automation industries are in the world can be deciphered through the revenue it generated and the prediction of its capability to last long.

Although the Automation industry has become a curse and a boom. A progressive world or a progressive culture is only seen via the worth of turnover generated by such an industry and how far and progressive it is going to sustain.

German automation industry from a decade long has been holding the position tightly and has been one of the major sources of income as well as revenue generation industry. The industry is involved in various sectors and the below figure shows the turnover capacity in each sector.

Turnover in the German Automation industry sectors
Turnover in the German Automation industry sectors
Source:- ZVEI; Statistisches Bundesamt

However, there has been a reduction in the turnover growth as compared to 2018, in 2019 the growth has been down by quite an amount.

The reasons are not known but eventually, the pandemic scenario doesn’t look quite good and it can be speculated that in 2020 also it has been a downfall.

The German Automation industry being one of the strong pillars in a challenging position, need to be seen how fast the recovery is done.

Turnover for German Automation industry
Source:- ZVEI; Statistisches Bundesamt.

The survey result clearly shows the progressive nature of the automation industry, The turnover is a clear sign, that the industry is benefiting in a variety of sectors.

Source:- Statista

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