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Which regions are interested in industrial robots?

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Probably the answer you are looking for or the first thing that comes to your mind is Western countries, Europe, and the US. However, as per the survey by IFR, the scenario and the prediction are completely different.

Forecasted number of sales of industrial robots

As we can see, the Asian and Australian regions are more in front of buy industrial robots as compare to any other region. We can also see country-wise; China, Japan, and South Korea are the leading countries with the buying of industrial robots.

Forecasted sales of industrial robots in 2021.

In my opinion, it is well known about the decline in the birth rate in Japan, the progressive nature is looking into ways to meet the need and counteract the gap.

The innovation of robots hence led to defining a new era of working robots as a means to bridge the gap and keep the production continued till the time the gap is not mitigated.

The situation is somehow scary that industrial robots can replace the workforce but is it able to replace the human world. In the end for whom the production is done when the birth of the buyers is declining in the 3D world.

Source:- IFR

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