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Can Robo advisors turn to be a threat to decision-makers?

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The race to be upfront and gain profit with minimum failure in decision makings are the main goals for any private company. To gain profit more with less pay is something not unknown in the business world. To be UpToDate with the past and the current situations for a better understanding of the market are the primary moto in the business meetings.

The short PowerPoint presentation with in-depth insights about the current markets. The demand for number-crunching big data is something that cannot be denied. But what about the decision-makers? Is it possible Robo-advisors can replace experienced decision-makers in the business world or the business industries?

The race to conquer the world in a better and reshaping the world in more futuristic and sustainable ways are a never-ending process? But what about the big paid bosses in the Top-ranking business world?

Can they be replaced with a technologically enhanced device that can predict better results as per the techno reviews? Is it possible that we see the CEOs or the business owner with Robo advisors with them rather than any experienced or degree holder from Ivy leagues?

A diversified report shows the Assets under management of selected Robo-advisors across the world in 2018: –

Robo-advisors for Assets under management in Billion ($)

The number of Robo-advisors across the world in 2017: –

No. of robo-advisors across the world.

The journey of Robo-advice is from a decade ago. The trend is consistent and is aggressively used up in customer-oriented industrial sectors.

In 2016, the use of Robo-advice in the retail business of banks by the Germans shows the following results: –

Survey result on the use of robo-advisors in Germany

Was there any effect on the customer advice in the retail banking business of banks (2020)?

Customer agreement for robo-advisors

However, the main thing, is Robo-advisors are a threat to degree holder employers? Do you think so?

Opinions about Robo-Advisors.

In my opinion, a company cannot solely run based on technical devices. Experience and thoughtful advice are more important for any company to grow in comparison to a report just based on the data. Sometimes, risk needs to be taken which are not based on raw data but also on gut instincts.

A calculative approach is always recommended. But Robo-advisors can be the best way to help out with customers in a large queue. A convenient way of letting you know the best possibilities available in the market.

Source:- Statista (Robo-advice)

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