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What advantages must a robot vision system achieve today and in the future?

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As we can see with human labor where one person is not just working on one assignment but is expected to handle multiple projects. In similar ways, many robots are expected to work with the same intention to perform multiple tasks with the aim of handling different contracts and as per the change of demand. As the robots come in different formats such as 1-D,2-D, and 3-D. The in-house knowledge is also required for being able to reconfigure the robotic vision system for new applications.

Automation engineers are enabled by a robotic vision system to achieve a high variance of workpieces with set-up times to be short. To adapt to the changes in the situations quickly and easily. In a few minutes, if part changes can be carried out by the machine operator himself without any programming effort then it can save time and cost and also brings flexibility.

The specialist knowledge of communication and control for different robot systems can be integrated already in the adaptive robot controller Mikado ARC. By simplified commands, the robot hardware is abstracted where further advantages are brought.

The execution of process sequences is possible with any robot without modifications so that collisions can be ensured during robot movements and reproducibility of the robot grips of 100 percent can be achieved with controller automatically plans each robot arm travel with inverse kinematics with a position tracking function for the gripping positions.

As with the change of situation and timeline, more and more user-friendly interfaces are also getting programmed and designed. As in the earlier period of phase or timeline, only engineers were considered to be handling those robotics vision systems. More emphasis has been made on making the robot a user-friendly operable system where non-engineers can also operate the machines with ease just like the ATMs.

With the current scenario and time period, we can see the use of a robot vision system in monitoring health crisis situations and the environment. Handling of hospitals or any pandemic scenarios has been also justified with the constant use of supervision monitoring systems. 

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