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How is robotics playing a crucial role in the eCommerce giant Amazon?

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As the world is evolving to autonomous robots and in what ways the robots and humans can collaborate to work on a [roject in an effective way. So does Amazon.

And the step was taken by acquiring the company Kiva systems in 2012. It is a Massachusetts-based company manufacturing mobile robotic fulfillment systems. The service offered by Kiva systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems were used by The Gap, Walgreens, Staples, Gilt Groupe, Office Depot, Crate & Barrel, and Saks 5th Avenue.

Amazon is also supporting startups like Locus, Fetch, and Berkshire Grey. It’s been 10 years for Kiva to transform into Amazon Robotics with more than 520,000 robotic drive units. The company also installed sort centers and air hubs in their facilities.

Well, in the world of technology, it is not just Tesla being the Tech-savvy but also Amazon with its expansion in space technology, autonomous vehicles as well as improving the autonomous robot technology.

  • Proteus

        It’s the first fully collaborative autonomous mobile robot. It is a non-automated, wheeled transport to move packages in our facilities. It performs safely to navigate around the employee while lifting and movement of GoCarts. The main goal is to automate the GoCart in the network to reduce the burden of moving heavy objects in the facilities.

  • Cardinal

 The moving of heavy packages and reduction of twisting and turning motions of employees are automated by the AI known as Cardinal. It uses computer vision for selecting packages out of the pile of packages.

  • Amazon robotics identification

It is an AI-powered scanning tool with computer vision and machine learning technology ability for scanning packages in the facilities. Amazon uses the technique at all the facilities with scanning capabilities. It is also known as AR ID which uses a unique camera system to run at 120 frames per second.

  • Containerized Storage System

The system uses different sorts of pods with a container with the needed product. The software determines where the container is located in the pod and how to grab and pull the container. Also how to pick up the container once it has retrieved the product.

Well, it is no doubt the eCommerce giant has evolved from just a selling and buying platform to a more robotically enhanced company. It had not replaced the employees with enhanced robots but a safeguarded working companion for the employees to make the work easier.

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