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What are the top 5 predictions by Robotiq?

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Robotiq is an automation machinery manufacturing company located in Levis, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 2008. The company specialised in adaptive robot grippers, force-torque sensors, industrial automation, collaborative robots, vision system, and robot monitoring.

The company’s target is to free the repetitive task done by a human. They are focused on collaborative robot applications for factories to be much faster. The company is backed by venture capital.

Samuel Bouchard is the CEO and co-founder of Robotiq. Jean-Philippe Jobin is also one of the co-founders and CTO. The company generated revenue of around $8.97 million in sales. The ESG ranking is 3.0.

The company highlighted the issues due to the COVID-19. The shortages of labor and supply chain problems are turning the market more towards robotics.

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The five predictions by Robotiq at Automatica are:-

  1. Supply chains to build more resilient with robots to streamline the operations and improve the robustness.
  2. More e-commerce applications with robots automating tasks such as order picking, packing, palletizing, and shipping.
  3. Companies turning to automation to bridge the labor shortage gap.
  4. The food and construction industry tuning to robotics for delivery services or even automating bricklaying and drone inspection services.
  5. The application kits and robot-as-a-service solutions will be in demand. The company may be interested in a plug-and-play kit.

So, do you agree with the predictions by Robotiq?

In my opinion, meeting the demand and the shortage of labor going to be a crucial point for companies to switch to robotics or many such AI tools to speed up the process. Also, to compensate for the loss.

The trend of going and sitting in the restaurant has also changed with the pandemic scenario. With the current fear, the home delivery services, as well as the e-commerce market, will be a hit.

In India, with the new efforts by the Government to support the small-scale e-commerce market. It will see a rise in the number of startups. How many sustain the peer competition? Only the market expansion and qualified on-time delivery service can predict the future of such a market.

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